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Transformation Capital Group (TCG) is a group of companies from the Information Technology and Financial Services sectors that have converged their expertise through effective use of human capital.

With proven success in the South African and International Market, our strategy is to make vital products and solutions accessible to the chosen and appropriate markets. We have a “go to the market strategy” which includes both individual and corporate South Africa and the international sphere with significant focus on all levels of an enterprise.

We do not only attract but also assist individuals who traditionally have not had access to first generation products and services. Effective exploiting of electronic media and mobile channels has allowed us to offer these new age consumers with affordable products and solutions that add value, whilst minimising any inconvenience normally associated with traditional channels and services.



Beyond Wealth Management

We are well-positioned in the industry with over 125 years of collective wisdom, managerial and consulting experience to ensure that clients have a selection of the best analysed and hand picked products and services across the full financial planning spectrum. We endeavour to assist clients in choosing an individualised, flexible and rewarding financial path and will always strive to approach our client’s financial needs with confidence, enthusiasm and care.

Rockfin Wealth Management is a registered  Financial Services Provider with the Financial Services Board and is a division of Transformation Capital Group (TCG). Provision Financial Planning (PFP), an established financial planning practice that has been in existence since 1994, was acquired by TCG in 2015. Along with other acquisitions PFP has now been rebranded as Rockfin Wealth Management (Pty) Ltd. Rockfin’s area of expertise include financial, estate, retirement, investment and tax planning as well as providing consultation regarding risk management, employee benefits, health care, portfolio management and is a distributor of short-term insurance.

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Planning Tomorrow, Today!

The MyFin brand has been created around the synergies and collaboration of several product offerings carefully packaged, to address the full spectrum of financial planning in a basic easy to understand process and manner of products and services or as a suite all on-line. With proven success in the South African market, our vision is to continue to make these vital products and services accessible and affordable to the appropriate emerging markets now and in the future who have not had easy access to the benefits of our product and solution range before.

MyFin is a registered Financial Services Provider with the Financial Services Board and division of the Transformation Capital Group (TCG). Our business is about simplifying the complex world of financial services. We do this by not only educating our clients and potential customers, but also making them understand that “Planning their Tomorrow, Today!” is the only guarantee to financial success!

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Information Technology

Beehive Online Solutions

Providing Real Business Value

In the ‘Age of the Consumer’, where the voice of the customer is heard, it is the customer who is in control. it is the customer who decides what information they want, when they want it, and supplied via which channel they want it supplied to them, at that specific time.
During these communication touch-points, the customer wants to experience a seamless, and personalised communication, which allows for interactive responses and with no limitations of either channel or time.
Customers want a complete, end-to-end experience, rather than have a fragmented and unfulfilled communication journey. Only when such an experience is offered as standard for every transaction will an organisation be able to retain the customer’s loyalty, and a bigger spend per interaction.

BOS specializes in providing our clients and the market with services and solutions that address their need for improved customer experience. The strive for Digital business transformation which is high on the agenda of most companies, is easily attained through the deployment of our Customer Communication Management, Customer Journey Mapping, Digital Experience and Digital Archiving solutions.

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Beehive Consulting

Specialised Recruiting, Project Management, Online Solutions & Legacy Conversions

Beehive Consulting utilises proven structured approach and experience, governed by a mature management processes to enable it to successfully deliver on services required within the IT space. At the core of this business is the company’s ability to combine strong domain, integration, business analysis, and project management as well as technical expertise to provide clients technology solutions that focus on delivering in line with customer expectations. Our vast experience and backgrounds cover many industries and services/solutions that span various disciplines. Beehive Consulting employs world class practices for the ultimate balance between client requirement and supplier provisioning that is supported by the purpose and vision.

Beehive Consulting was established by a group of entrepreneurs from various backgrounds, including Information Technology experts from various industries and disciplines to primarily provide consultancy, functional outsourcing/managed services and software as a service offering in targeted solution specific areas. The intellectual capacity and experience within Beehive Consulting makes it possible for the company to provide real business value by collaborating with their customers to provide affordable and fit for purpose solutions.

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