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At Transformation Capital Group, along with Rockfin, My-Fin and Momentum Financial Wellness, we offer our clients 360º Financial Services aimed at enhancing both sides of a client’s balance sheet namely protecting and creating wealth, and also capital management. We have a “go to the market strategy” which includes both individual and corporate South Africa and the international sphere with significant focus on all levels of clients and enterprise. Through both a face-to-face and online capability, we not only attract but also assist individuals who traditionally have not had access to first generation products and services. Effective exploiting of electronic media and mobile channels has allowed us to offer these new age consumers with affordable products and solutions that add value while minimising any inconvenience normally associated with traditional channels and services.

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Rockfin Wealth Management

Rockfin is focused on building the Wealth Management strategy and brand for TCG, now and into the future. The combination of personal planning disciplines, investment management, financial advisory and fiduciary services directly for the benefit of high-net worth clients, remains a key focus area for Rockfin.

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My-fin Financial Services

My-Fin’s objective is to be an online client-centric organisation with quality best-of-breed independent products and solutions designed and aimed at the new age consumer. More and more consumers are driven to the internet and prefer making their own choices, single needs analysis and decisions about their finances.

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Wealth Management and Brokerage

Our wealth management and brokerage services incorporate financial planning and portfolio management aimed at those who desire the assistance of an accredited wealth management consultant and specialist support. Wealth managers provide you with proven solutions to help coordinate retail banking, estate planning, tax planning and investment management.

We provide you with wealth creation plans that cover short, medium and long-term investments as well as wealth protection plans that factor in health care cover, risk management and asset protection. By setting goals for needs management programmes, gathering data for analysis, plan development and implementation and finally monitoring of the solution, we are able to deliver cost-effective and fruitful results.

Transformation Capital Group’s Wealth Management and Brokerage Strategy serves clients’ advisory and financial needs, brokerage services, investment management and insurance, while Wealth Management specialists provide access to fiduciary investment management, private banking, trust, estate, credit, and integrated wealth management services. These services are made available through wealth planning, private banking affiliation, trust services and investment management, and is partnered with some of the leading institutions in the world. Being fiercely independent enables the brokerage to be contracted to well over sixty partners all over the world in the spheres of asset management, tax and fiduciary services, insurance and assurance solutions, employee benefits and healthcare.


Advisory and Consulting

Our accredited and expert consultants analyse clients’ needs and develop cost-effective solutions that increase top and bottom line, productivity and reduce strain on in-house resources. We also add the necessary infrastructure that enables your business to flourish. Our collaborative approach based on extensive research and development delivers recommendations with tested, simulated and proven success. We are able to provide your business with the strategy you need on how to manage, maintain and integrate with the best Insurance, Brokerage and Private Equity solutions.

Private Equity

Transformation Capital Group, supported by its funders and investment managers, is able to provide bespoke financial solutions that enhances value to the companies we engage with.

Our vertically integrated service delivery model means we can access and render fund services, sub-fund special purpose vehicle services and also support any underlying companies who meet our criteria directly.

We have associations with external private equity firms and portfolio management companies who are eager to invest and expand in chosen markets. Our experience includes acquisitions, co-investment, restructuring and operational transformation.


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