Private Equity

Fluent in finance

Transformation Capital Group has both an acquisition and organic growth strategy.

Growth through acquisition is one of the strategies for diversification and market positioning. This has helped in securing more market share, man force and revenue. A tool of market consolidation. This has enabled our group to expand our footprint with the desire to propel not only our revenue streams, but also our company to a major position.

Several acquisitions over the past four years have created the platform for exponential growth into the future. Our acquisitions to date are as follows:

  • 2014-Blue Anchor Insurance Brokers
  • 2014- Sarkis Insurance
  • 2015 -Provision Financial Planning
  • 2016-My Capital
  • 2016- Private Equity stake into Epieq Sports Nutrion-
  • 2017-Infinity
  • 2018-Van Strijp
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