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Company History

Transformation Capital Group (TCG) is a group of companies from the Information Technology and Financial Services sectors that have converged their expertise through effective use of human capital. TCG’s trading history commenced in 1999 through its existing subsidiaries who have extensive historical trading performance. The consolidation of subsidiaries to form the Transformation Capital Group (TCG) took place in 2013. Whist a young group, the management team’s experience spans in excess of 100 years with extensive knowledge, skills and attributes gained predominantly in the technology and financial services spheres. The business units were created from entrepreneurial opportunities that presented themselves and today TCG exists as a dynamic financials services and solutions driven organisation.

Our Vision

Our vision through our chosen partners and channels, is to be recognised as a leading supplier of transformational solutions for individuals and business alike. Our solutions encompass financial services and specific consulting and technology expertise across the corporate landscape in order to achieve value for both our customers and the group.

Our Philosophy

We invest in our people and empower them to unleash their full potential, allowing them to provide world class, professional services whilst staying faithful to the spirit of well-being. TCG strives to deliver products and services that mirror the extensive  experience and research poured into each project and rest on our values, dedication and hard-work to guide and nurture our relationships with customers, employees and partners.

Our Approach

Our business models are based on flexibility and are always aligned to the fit-for-purpose solutions that we craft for our customers. Our Effective omni-channel customer engagement strategies have enabled us to offer customers new and innovative ways to address their needs.

Strengths and Core Competencies

Our company remains at the forefront of business due to our innovative approach, marketing flair and the ability to quickly leverage product to market via our own immediate technologies. Through our experienced management team, our solutions will ensure successful delivery to our customers.

Current and Near Future Challenges

The local geo political landscape not to mention a challenging economic climate within the South African economy in particular makes it difficult to analyse. The fast pace of technological change and vast array of solutions available in the market place, challenge our organisation daily. Our independent consulting skillset, our customised approach and experience enables the organisation to select best fit for purpose technologies and solutions for our customers which are now not merely local but international too.

TCG Leadership Team

Combined experience of over 120 years in the financial services, corporate and technology fields, the management team at TCG brings a wealth of knowledge to the guidance of our company. We are committed to sharing our vision with our employees and all we do business with so that we may truly deliver excellent products and services.

Our proven success and accomplishments in South Africa and abroad, is as a result of our intellectual property, extensive leadership and management expertise. We believe leading edge technologies and an innovative approach in the group, positions us uniquely to take advantage of several opportunities in both the business-to-business and business to consumer markets. We overcome the challenges we face through the experience of our management team, combined with the expertise and know-how of our chosen partners. This winning combination will lead Transformation Capital Group into the future.

Reg Bath

Executive Director

UNISA: Bachelor of Commerce Degree
University of Pretoria: Senior IT and Executive Program

He is an executive that has been in the Information Technology industry for 26 years of which the last 13 years have been in various senior and executive business development and sales positions. With an established background in information technology and outsourcing, his ability to build trusted relationships with customers has secured him major deals in the South African market. He is a team player who achieves success by selling a vision to all stakeholders. He is able to motivate his team to excel and get the job done despite obstacles that might surface. He thrives on challenges and tough assignments, believes that work should be fulfilling and rewarding.

Mike Eslick

Mike Eslick

Executive Director

University of Free State: Institute of Life and Pensions (ILPA)
Financial Planning Institute – Associate of the Financial Planning Institute

Mike is the managing executive of our Financial Services division, and has more than 25 years’ experience in financial planning and business consulting to corporates and individuals alike.

After various mergers and acquisitions and a sabbatical from the corporate world, Mike returned to the corporate environment in 2005 via the payroll industry to do what he felt he does best which is consulting, delivering solutions, and interacting with people and companies, ensuring that he adds value to their success. In 2009 Mike and the team at the time decided to integrate the Payroll business into the Onecard Group of companies, a Financial Services Provider (FSP) focusing on medical insurance and related products took place with the vision of providing low cost financial services to the untapped market.

Being back in the financial services industry rendered several opportunities and as such Mike decided to create the My-Fin brand. Together with his partnering associates, the TCG stable was born to focus on some new innovative and exciting ventures.

Transformation Capital Group

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